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blueberry cheesecake

Blueberry Cheesecake [low carb]

Okay, I know this is already the second cheesecake recipe within a short period of time. But a.) in my opinion you can’t have enough recipes for cheesecakes, b.) the first one isn’t a blueberry cheesecake recipe and c.) I post this recipe rather for my brother than for me. So, before you have a look at the recipe you need to know my brother is a kind of fitness freak and was living on a low carb diet for some weeks or months. Well, actually this is definitely not my kind of nutrition or let’s call it lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong I work in the fitness industrie and I am very much in favour of being active and eating (quite) healthy. But I believe more in real food, variety, pleasure, indulgence and loving life. This also includes a (more or less large) slice of cake for me. And, just between you and me, my brother wouldn’t not be my brother if he doesn’t love to eat and crave cake from time to time, too.

chocolate granola cups

Chocolate Granola Cups

As a real foodie I love to cook and bake for myself because I really love to eat. Of course we also go out for dinner or even eat fast food from time to time especially when we are on the road. And needless to say I would never refuse a invitation for dinner or lunch of a friend and there is almost nothing better than eating at mum’s. But I have to say I love it more to host. And since we have a little daughter I rather invite for brunch than for dinner, because most of our friends have kids at the same age. So the kids can play with each other without becoming grumpy too quickly and we parents have enough time to talk each other calmly. If you have your own little family you know how time flies and suddenly there are another weeks or evens months which have passed.

milk and chocolate layer cake

Milk and Chocolate Layer Cake

If you live in Germany you know “Milchschnitte” which can be bought in every super market and translated as “milk sandwich”. Well, it sounds healther than it is in fact. It is a snack what consists a kind of milk cream between two thin chocolate cake slices. I don’t have to tell you it is full of sugar and saturated fat and of course I loved to eat that when I was a kid. I spent all my money my mother had gave me for the bus buying a five-pack “Milchschnitte” almost every day after school and walked by foot home. My way to school was about 5 km, so it was a 10 km walk for me every day. I guess that was the reason why I didn’t become fat in this time. Probably it is more a nostalgic thing for me, but to be honest, I still like to eat that super fatty and sugary kind of mini cake from time to time, although I know how unhealthy it is.

Raspberry Layer Cake

Raspberry Layer Cake

When I was a child Walt Disney’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” was one of my favorite movies. I guess everybody knows the story about this little tough girl and her journey through a fantastic world full of lovely and less lovely creatures. And one of my favorite scene of this movie is the mad tea party with the March Hare and the Mad Hatter. Probably I developed really early a weakness for tea and lovely looking crockery (have you ever recognized all the beautiful tea pots?). But what I loved more was the fact they are celebrating their unbirthday. I mean what a beautiful idea to celebrate everyday of your life like it’s your birthday. And well, why don’t having, maybe not everyday, but more often a birthday worthy layer cake? By the way, this raspberry layer cake is without refined sugar and so light that you can even have everyday one big piece without (or almost) any guilt feelings 😉

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