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Iced Matcha Latte

A few months ago I had a very stressful time. And whenever I am in such a phase I get issues with my stomach. And usally everything is going to be fine as soon as things start to work out better. I don’t know if it’s because I am getting older or the stress level is higher, but my issues with my stomach still persited. I can tell you, for someone like me who really love to eat, it’s almost the worst case. So I changed some eating habits, for example eating less white wheat flour and refined sugar and I quit with coffee, which encourges the production of stomach acid. But like it could be read in Instagram account for a long time, I was totally coffee addicted and I needed my daily dose caffeine (had the worst headache ever without one). So I have switched to Matcha green tea, which was really good for my stomach, my head and particulary my mood.

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