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peach pavlova

Peach and Yogurt Mini Pavlovas

During the last few days I spent every free minute working on the blog layout and new logo. And I tell you I am a complete beginner at all that web stuff and have no idea about graphic design. Maybe you can imagine how much efford it took. But on the other side i am a little bit proud of myself, because before i start this new little project (an own blog) i could not believe that i can manage all those things by myself. Well, I was a little bit concerned about missing the right moment for posting the recipe for these fluffy and airy dessert (or cake?) named Pavlova. Because it’s allready September, Autumn is just ahead and meringue, peaches and yogurt somehow sounds summery, doesn’t it?

Jam Streusel Tartlets

Jam Streusel Tartlets

This will be my first post. I must confess i am a little bit nervous. Why? Because I decided to blog in english and yes: english is a foreign language for me. So why do I blog in english? It’s just because that I can reach more people (my cousins who live in Australia for example :-)). I hope you will enjoy my blog, my recipes and the way i write.

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