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mango rose tartlets

Mango Rose Tartlets

A feast for eyes. This is probably the reason why so many people good food photography and to shot food (myself included). And people love flowers on their plate. Be it edible flowers like daisies or pansies for example or roses which are made of fruits. Some weeks ago I saw in that online foodie world roses which are made of avocados for the first time. And as a real passionate foodie I need to try to make one. Well, it turned out that making an avocado rose is much more challenging than I have expected and ended in a mashed avocado (Have you ever cut ripe avodaos? It is like cutting butter). That is why I decided to practice with other fruits which are much firmer than ripe avocados, and how these mango rose tartlets are originated 🙂

beetroot gnocchi

Beetroot Gnocchi

Who does not like freshly cooked meals? But let’s be honest most of us are not in the mood for cooking every day. Include myself, who really adores good food and actually loves to cook and bake. Although I cook during the week only quick meals it’s still quite hard to cook every day. So it’s absolutely usual that we have only toasts and sandwiches for supper at times. And as long as we also have some fresh and raw vegetables as a mother I am quite okay with that. But as I have mentioned I really love to cook. So whenever I have time like on weekends, holidays or days off I enjoy being in the kitchen. It is so relaxing to work with your hand and different ingredients. Especially working with dough is almost like a meditation for me. But one advice before you make these beetroot gnocchi: you shouldn’t be too hungry because it takes some time. However, it is absolutely worth it.


Iced Matcha Latte

A few months ago I had a very stressful time. And whenever I am in such a phase I get issues with my stomach. And usally everything is going to be fine as soon as things start to work out better. I don’t know if it’s because I am getting older or the stress level is higher, but my issues with my stomach still persited. I can tell you, for someone like me who really love to eat, it’s almost the worst case. So I changed some eating habits, for example eating less white wheat flour and refined sugar and I quit with coffee, which encourges the production of stomach acid. But like it could be read in Instagram account for a long time, I was totally coffee addicted and I needed my daily dose caffeine (had the worst headache ever without one). So I have switched to Matcha green tea, which was really good for my stomach, my head and particulary my mood.

pomegranate + scones

Mini Scones and Pomegranate Curd

One reason why I write this blog in englisch (it is still a foreign language for me, so I am sorry my english isn’t perfect) is that I want to practice it (another reason is to reach more people with my blog of course). By the way: that’s why I also try to tell you a little story at the beginning of every post (furthermore I think it’s much nicer an more personal than only posting a recipe with some pictures). Well, if you live in Germany there are not many occassions to practice englisch, except you do a lot of travelling around the world. And in contrast to people from Scandinavian countries or Netherlands, many Germans (especially the older generation) speak poor english.

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