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crème brûlée

Crème Brûlée

If we are connected through Instagram you may have noticed I cut down and off some things in my daily nutrition. It started with some health issues some weeks ago. I had stomachache, felt sluggish and was in a bad mood all the time. I guess it was caused by stress I had at that time and you maybe know my stomach is my weak point. But when it became a little calmer I still didn’t feel very good. So I started to cut down my intake of refinded sugar and dairy products, which I have never tolerated very well, especially in great quantity. That’s really hard for me, because I love butter, cream, yogurt and cheese. So if you cut these things you eat less cakes and bread automaticly. And because I felt so much better without eating wheat, I cut off all grains, which contain gluten. What started as a trial becomes more and more a fixed part in my life, because I have a better well-being since that dietary change. But for …

milk and chocolate layer cake

Milk and Chocolate Layer Cake

If you live in Germany you know “Milchschnitte” which can be bought in every super market and translated as “milk sandwich”. Well, it sounds healther than it is in fact. It is a snack what consists a kind of milk cream between two thin chocolate cake slices. I don’t have to tell you it is full of sugar and saturated fat and of course I loved to eat that when I was a kid. I spent all my money my mother had gave me for the bus buying a five-pack “Milchschnitte” almost every day after school and walked by foot home. My way to school was about 5 km, so it was a 10 km walk for me every day. I guess that was the reason why I didn’t become fat in this time. Probably it is more a nostalgic thing for me, but to be honest, I still like to eat that super fatty and sugary kind of mini cake from time to time, although I know how unhealthy it is.

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