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chocolate granola cups

Chocolate Granola Cups

As a real foodie I love to cook and bake for myself because I really love to eat. Of course we also go out for dinner or even eat fast food from time to time especially when we are on the road. And needless to say I would never refuse a invitation for dinner or lunch of a friend and there is almost nothing better than eating at mum’s. But I have to say I love it more to host. And since we have a little daughter I rather invite for brunch than for dinner, because most of our friends have kids at the same age. So the kids can play with each other without becoming grumpy too quickly and we parents have enough time to talk each other calmly. If you have your own little family you know how time flies and suddenly there are another weeks or evens months which have passed.

chocolate overnight oats

Banoffee Chocolate Overnight Oats with Salted Caramel

From no-breakfast to breakfast-addicted – this is how you can call my story. And such breakfast like this one has contributed to make me think on breakfast first once I wake up. But let’s be honest, chocolate and salted caramel sound more like a dessert than the first meal of the day, right? And who can say “no” to chocolate, salted caramel or dessert? Yeah, I guess nobody. Dessert for breakfast sounds to good be true? Believe me, these overnight oats variation is one of my favorite with very good reason. It’s creamy, not to sweet, chocolaty and topped with the best sweet treat ever: salted caramel sauce. So it will not only fills your stomach (and keeps you full until lunch), but also your soul (you know, chocolate is always for the youl, too :-))

walnut granola

Maple Walnut Granola

In Germany, you say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But to tell the truth, I am not really a “breakfast girl”. Well, it’s because i am more the “just-5-minutes-more-in-bed” girl and i cannot eat when i am just got up. Thus my first breakfast constists of one coffee during the week. I know that is not the healthiest way. But i think, like everything in life, it is a matter of balancing. So whenever it is going to be a very hectic morning without time for caring of myself i try to compensate, wether it be with a little walk outside after work, a salad for lunch or a healthy late breakfast.

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