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mango rose tartlets

Mango Rose Tartlets

A feast for eyes. This is probably the reason why so many people good food photography and to shot food (myself included). And people love flowers on their plate. Be it edible flowers like daisies or pansies for example or roses which are made of fruits. Some weeks ago I saw in that online foodie world roses which are made of avocados for the first time. And as a real passionate foodie I need to try to make one. Well, it turned out that making an avocado rose is much more challenging than I have expected and ended in a mashed avocado (Have you ever cut ripe avodaos? It is like cutting butter). That is why I decided to practice with other fruits which are much firmer than ripe avocados, and how these mango rose tartlets are originated 🙂

Jam Streusel Tartlets

Jam Streusel Tartlets

This will be my first post. I must confess i am a little bit nervous. Why? Because I decided to blog in english and yes: english is a foreign language for me. So why do I blog in english? It’s just because that I can reach more people (my cousins who live in Australia for example :-)). I hope you will enjoy my blog, my recipes and the way i write.

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